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quirky melty fun!

Very very good - well done.

Fun puzzle platformer though, is there a way to go back to the level select menu? I don't know what key to press...

Thank you. There is no a game menu option in the game. But I will think about it in next version of the game. Sorry.



I only played 3 levels because I found the control hard. (No worries, everyone prefers different types of controls!) However I really like your idea, I’ve never seen a game where you’re literally an Ice-Cream who has to hop inside the refrigerator. Overall I like it.

Thank you. 

how to unlock secret level?

You've probably finished chapter 20, which you see as locked. . It must be a minor bug, I'll fix it in the next update. Thanks for playing.

Ice Cream Man (Full Game)


Thanks for playing and the video.

Fun game! I have no complaints about the wall jump, so it seems like the update worked well. The melting mechanic is very creative.


Thank you. I glad you like it.

Hey i can't play it in Android :(

Android version is not available yet, sorry. : (

i love puzzle platformer games. This is one so good to play.

Hey thanks to playing and video. By the way, I realized that you played the game very well, even better than me, congratulations :)

Hi Eray, I had a great time playing this! Some of those wall jumps are brutal but I think I got the timing down... We'd love to have a version of the game on If you're interested please email me at!  

Thanks I'll think about it.

An absolutely lovely time

Thank you.

A simple but fun game.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get past L10. No matter what I did I couldn't get the wall jump to work near the ice cream blob.  Even when I minimised my running to be as big as possible I could not get the second jump to work so I gave up.  The wall jump mechanic is a little tricky and doesn't make me feel like I am in control. I just press jump and hope for the best as it doesn't seem that the move controls don't seem to do much when in the air.  Other than that it was fun.  It would be nice if their was music in the levels.

Epic game! The wall jumping requires a lot of practice but it's pretty fun nonetheless.

Thanks to playing my game. I'm glad you had a good time.


I spent a lot more time on it than I'd like to admit because I think you built a game that really shows a strong set of mechanics in an interesting way.

I wanted to beat the entire game, just so i could give you more feedback, but i'm sorry. I just couldn't get past level 4 because of how frustrating the wall jumping is. The Ice cream man doesn't stick to the wall if you don't hold the direction button, and he just slides off too fast. Other than that it's a great game so far. I love the idea of melting, and it being sometimes an advantage. Cheers!

Thanks for your comment. I've added an update again, as I've gotten a lot of feedback on this. This will not have any effect on the level designs of the game, you can continue again.