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This was a lot of fun! I was wondering if I could contribute some music to your future games?


very innovative!

best quality..

Nice concept. 

I would say the difficulty curve is a bit weird, like not so orderly for introducing new mechanics - on early levels. Also the puzzle from many levels is repetitive: I can figure out the solution after 1 - 2 try - simply by going through all of the helping nodes to not be cut down.

Also like some comments here, the controllers are a bit slow.

The game is quite nice, but it would be cool if you could make the controls either faster or give us the option to hold shift and letting that make everything faster


This was a bite-sized delight. I would welcome a fuller game fleshing out and expanding on the ideas.

unique and cute game, great work :) 
it could be a good idea for a bigger mobile game

nice little puzzle game. I like the style of it.

fun game. i just beat it

This was a ton of fun! 

I stopped playing around level 8 because it started to feel repetitive. Leading up to level 8, it was a really fun. This game feels like it would be on a site like CoolMathGames. This could be just me, but the turning felt really slow so when I had to do a full 360, it took forever. 

All in all, super awesome idea and cute game!

i love this game

i dead on level 8 x.x

Nice idea!

Great little game

This is a cute game. The puzzle idea is unique!