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It's a simple raycast script to use your game projects.  You can check objects, tilemaps or both with this script. 

Note: Supports v2.3 and higher version


  • It supports a specific object, multiple objects, tilemap layers or all at the same time.
  • It works with different collision shapes. ( Set to _precise_mode as true to do that.)
  • I added comments in the script if you want to learn how it works.
  • You need only one method.
  • Flexible to use in all your projects.

What is the Raycasting?
Raycasting is the process of sending a ray during simulation and detecting the object that collides with it.

Why would I use it?
This is a very important function for 2d games. This process is most often used for bullet collisions, advanced character controller, the enemy AI...

How can I use this?
The method is simple. 


_x:  int-The start x position of the ray
_y: int-The start y position of the ray
_dir: int-The direction of the ray (angle)
_length: int-The length of the ray (pixels) 
_per_pixel: int-Checking collisions per this defined pixels
_object: index-Object id or object array (like this [object01,object02...] ) It's an optional argument and the default value is **all**. If you don't want to use it, use "noone" key for this.
_tilemap_layer_name: string- Target tilemap layer name with a string type. It's an optional argument. If you don't want to use it, use "noone" key for this.
_precise_mode: boolean-Precise Mode required when you use collision mask shapes except the square on the objects. It's optional argument and default value is false.

The method returns a data struct.
|->type: enum- rc_type.nothing , rc_type.tilemap or rc_type.object 
|->index: int- instance id or tilemap index
|-> x: int - x position of the ray collision point
|->y: int - y position of the ray collision point


//A sample for tilemaps and all of objects;
    my_raycast_data=raycast(x,y, 45, 100 ,16 ,all,"Tiles_Collider",true);
//A sample for some objects;
    my_raycast_data=raycast(x,y, 45, 100 ,16 ,[object_blue,object_pink]);
//A sample for a specific object
    my_raycast_data=raycast(x,y, 45, 100 ,16 ,object_blue);

Checking raycast with a simple way; 

        var raycast_pos_x=my_raycast_data.x;
        var raycast_pos_y=my_raycast_data.y;
            var collided_object=my_raycast_data.index;
            //Do something
        }else if(my_raycast_data.type==rc_type.tilemap){
            var collided_tile_index=my_raycast_data.index;
            //Do something
        //More codes...

 Note: It's just a sample to beginners  to see how it works. But I recomend to use switch-case statement instead of if-else for this kind of thing. Still the choice is yours.

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